Just when you may think you have seen the last of Black Ops 3, think again. The game designer director David Vonderhaar, at Treyarch Studio, revealed the next place they want to take Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Vonderhaar took time out of his busy schedule to reply to some of the game’s fans.

call of duty black ops 3 new mapsAs always, when fans get the opportunity, they always seize it to ask myriads of questions and this case was no different. Questions ranging from bug fixes to the amount of time a map can be chosen where asked. Vonderhaar made it known they are fixing the map issue, but it will only be available on through game update and not on hotfix.

A fan asked if there will be an update which will allow the emblems and paint-jobs to be downloadable, but Vonderhaar was negative in his reply. He did assure the fans that they are not done yet, which means they will keep trying and hopefully someday will be able to bring the change. So if you are a fan, keep your fingers crossed.

However, Vonderhaar made new announcements including the release of a hotfix for Black Ops 3, which sees the adjustment of score-streak and a few other changes. While waiting for the ‘main event’, you should check this out and see if it is worth the announcement.

Expect the first out of four budgeted DLC maps by February 2. The time frame will also help Treyarch Studio do bug fixes to the existing game and updates as reported by fans. The new map will feature four new multiplayer and a new chapter to the Black Ops 3 Zombies saga. Save the date. But meanwhile, what other updates would you like to see in the Black Ops 3 Zombie saga?


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