Call of Duty WW2  was confirmed to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After the announcement, Sony has reportedly struck a massive Exclusive DLC deal with the developer. However, Microsoft has missed this fantastic opportunity out for the Xbox One.

So, all the PS4 fans are in for a real treat on the game’s purchase for the console. It’s a massive blow to all the Xbox One fans as a new Amazon listing of the game confirms that the Call of Duty WW2 DLC will launch on PS4. There is no mention of the Xbox One on the Amazon listing of the game.

In addition, the listing also says that all the PlayStation 4 fans will be able to play the Map Packs almost 30 days earlier the launch. So, all the Xbox One fans are once more left out of this opportunity as well. However, this is a trend of this particular console generation. So, it should not be a big surprise for the fans at all.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC is also set for a launch on PS4 earlier than other consoles. Destiny 2 is also going to offer exclusive content for the console. However, on Xbox One, fans don’t have this kind of luxuries.

As the Call of Duty WW2 is going to have a proper announcement on 26th April 2017, that’s when the fans will be able to find out more about the game.

In addition, Activision has also recently released a short clip for the game. This clip features a sandy beach and the Call of Duty WW2 logo and hints about the WW2 era setting of the game. However, the clip never reveals any more of the solid info about the game. Furthermore, the leaked marketing material for the game suggests that the game will also have a standalone Co-Op mode as well.

The leaked promotional material also points out to the game’s November 3 launch. However, Activision has yet to confirm it.

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