This is a full detailed guide to unlocking the “SHREDDER” weapon in ZOMBIES IN SPACELAND for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies. If you need the elemental orbs for the ripper and discord that means they’ll be 2 more weapons because now you have 2 more elements.

call of duty: infinite warfare zombies mode
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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Shredder Wonder weapon tutorial

This is a really awesome energy pistol in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies, as explained here on itechpost as well. It can obliterate multiple zombies at once. The first part is obtained really early into the game and that is the Alien. Pick up three red alien coins and take them over to the souvenir coin machine in the Keplar System. Once you put three red coins in the machine, it will give you a Medusa device and a weird alien doll which will act as the middle part for the shredder. All the parts can be obtained in any particular order, so don’t worry about messing up the sequence.

Now you need the Pack-a-Punch. Power on the entire park as well as use all the portals to access Pack-a-Punch. When you go to the new room, you will notice a bunch of UFOs on the table. These are tied to the Elemental Upgrade. After this, you need three hundred tickets and buy the Arcane Core. You can apply this on any weapon you like and not just the Shredder.

Final part

Setup a Chromo Sphere trap and you will notice UFOs hovering near it as you get kills. Once you’ve gotten enough kills, the UFOs will change their flight path and fly around the entire Keplar System. Get kills with the UFO close by and you will notice all the zombie souls flying into the UFO. After 20 kills, it will drop a fire-like orb for you. Pick it up and now get the 300 tickets again and purchase the Gold Teeth inside the Arcade.

Now trap the brute zombie in the crocodile’s mouth and you will notice some teeth fall into its mouth. You will get the stone for your shredder and pick up some sunglasses. With them equipped, go to the Polar region and shoot the back of the boat circling in the ditch. It will fall into the river and come up in the colorful fountains above. Pick it up and now all your parts are complete.


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