Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC 5 Zombies Chronicles is finally going to be out for sale on PS4. According to Activision, The DLC 5 Zombies Chronicles will be available on May 16th, 2017 and it will cost $29.99 in the US. The UK Fans will be able to get their hands on the latest DLC 5 Zombies Chronicles for £24.99.

The DLC 5 Zombies Chronicles was announced last week by the Activision and Treyarch. It is said to be including eight remastered maps from Call of Duty franchise games. As the developer hinted it out, the COD BO3 DLC5 Zombies Chronicles will include maps from the popular Call of Duty: World at War, and Call of Duty: Black Op, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

  • The Zombies Chronicles will include maps such as;
  • COD: World at War: Nacht Der Untoten, Verrukt, and Shi No Num
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops: Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-la, and Moon
  • COD: Black Ops 2: Origins

A good news for all the fans is that, despite being the old remastered maps, these new maps will be playable on all the modern hardware platforms. Thanks to the Zombies Chronicles as it is bringing in some cool updates with it as well. According to the Activision;

“The collection adds vibrant current-generation visuals, enhanced lighting, revamped character models and environments, and updated AI and audio systems. Zombies Chronicles also lets players use custom weapons, including current weaponry featured in Black Ops III that wasn’t featured in the original maps.”

Some of the new offerings of the upcoming Zombies Chronicles DLC 5 are as following;

  • 20 Vials of Liquid Divinium
  • 2 All-New Whimsical GobbleGums
  • Exclusive Zombies Pack-A-Punch Weapon Camo
  • Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Dynamic System Theme for PlayStation 4 (exclusive pre-order incentive), featuring artwork by renowned artist

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The Zombies Chronicles DLC is only going to release on the PlayStation 4 (On the Day of it’s Official Release). However, Activision hasn’t yet revealed any release date for Xbox One and PC. Hopefully, all the recent leaks and rumors will come true and the fans will be able to enjoy Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC5 Zombies Chronicles on PC and Xbox One after the 30 days of its official release.