Sledgehammer Games supervisor Glen Schofield has been discussing the up and coming Call of Duty game during the current year. Furthermore, he sounds energized, most definitely. Despite the fact that, while discussing the game and what it may include or notwithstanding when it may be uncovered, he stayed tight-lipped. While getting an in a couple jests and jokes as well.

call of duty modern warfare remastered
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Call Of Duty 2017 Dev: “This Game Will Drive You Crazy”

All he said of the game, in any case, was the way that the new Call of Duty game would have “boots on the ground” and “will go back to its roots”. That’s not by any means anything by any stretch of the imagination, to be completely forthright. Yet Schofield perceives that and says that he wishes that the discussion of the game takes place soon. Or else he may implode. We would like that along with many others.

He did, in any case, guarantee players that when the game at long last is uncovered, individuals are “going to go crazy”. He said this before asserting that it was going to be Sledgehammer’s best game yet. At long last, when he was asked when the game may be uncovered, he said that he’s only a game creator. Moreover, he also said that he has no clue when the game will be released. He kidded that in a meeting with Activision when they discussed the reveal date. He sniffled, so he has no clue when that may be.

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