The finale cliffhanger of the much awaited Flash Season 2 will be dramatic. So far from what we have seen, the new episodes have brought in big changes for the Flash crew. The change is planned to last, even after Barry tried to organize things to the finest level.

The viewers and fans of Flash have also seen Jesse and Harrison falling from Earth-2. The daughter and father combination hunt for answers to some events related to Jesse’s super powers. Seems like the superpowers has something to do with Jesse being a speedy girl.


Caitlin Snow As A Lab Rat in ‘The Flash’

Moreover, Harry has doubts related to the Earth-19 person. His strong feelings about this person might turn to be right. All geniuses could be seen battling against huge monsters in the Flash Season 3: Episode 3 Trailer titled “Monster”. Chances are that the next episode may reveal more Flashpoint defects. Caitlin Snow is a lab rat in “The Flash”, showing signs of metahuman evolution. She could be more like Killer Frost, the rumoured Earth-2 double. She planned to keep it a secret ever since she found out her powers.

The Flash Season 3 to be Aired next Tuesday, along with “Monster” on The CW at 8pm

It seems like there is going to be a lot of buzz about the new episode of The Flash. Expectations are high, as the next episode will be more dramatic with all geniuses battling against humongous monsters threatening the city. The pre-posters of the movie showcase Iris and The Flash trying to break the doors of a bus, probably to help the captive victims to escape. Hopefully, this episode is now trending all over the globe. No matter whatever mistakes this episode of The Flash may have, it shouldn’t be a waste of time.


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