We are just a few weeks away from Black Friday and all the awesome deals that’ll come with it. If you’re planning on joining the current-gen console train and getting yourself a new PS4 or Xbox One, wait until Black Friday arrives.

This year, Black Friday takes place on November 25, in the North America and the UK, meaning that patient gamers can get awesome deals and incredible discounts if they just chill out until November 25. If we look at 2015 Black Friday deals, we can be sure that there will be some incredible discounts and some pretty cool console bundles.

Xbox One S
Xbox One S

Last year, Amazon and Argos were selling Xbox One bundles that contained multiple games for less than £300, while GAME sold PS4 bundle, containing the console, The Last of Us, and Driveclub for just £299. If we take into account that slim versions of both Xbox One and PS4 got released recently, gamers can be sure that retailers will come up with some amazing deals.

Just to remind you, the PS4 slim is 30 percent more compact that the regular console and the new version is also very power efficient. The PS4 Slim is 28 percent less power hungry, with the hardware staying the same. Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the regular version; the new slim version comes with 4K Ultra HD streaming support, a 4K Blu-ray drive, and HDR support.

PS4 Slim

You’ll probably find more deals on regular PS4 and Xbox One consoles, but there will surely be a couple of great bundles containing awesome games. Since the PS4 Pro comes out on November 11, there are a chance retailers discount the Pro version, but the chances are pretty slim.

On the other hand, with the release of the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, there are high chances that the regular edition of the console will be massively discounted during Black Friday.

Oh, and if you’re planning on buying a new TV, smartphone, or some other gadget, wait a couple of weeks, Black Friday will be filled with various gadget deals.


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