Google managed to gather positive reviews, along with a solid chunk of the smartphone market with its latest Pixel phone line. The company decided to end its Nexus series and launch phones that aren’t targeted towards developers, making models for general Android users instead. This led to higher prices, and for all users looking to get either the Google Pixel or the Google Pixel XL, it is good to know about the common problems the two devices suffer from since the Google Pixel (unlocked 32 GB version) sport quite high price of $825.

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Of course that both models are excellent smartphones but as many other models, the two come with potential issues. Check out what problems you might face if deciding to go with one of the two Google’s latest devices.

Connectivity Issues

Some users reported that both the Pixel and the Pixel XL may refuse to connect when on LTE Band 4, but it seems Google managed to fix the issue with the latest Android nougat 7.1.1 build.

Google Pixel Manufacturing Defect

Random units of the Pixel and the Pixel XL are facing a manufacturing issue causing for a bubble to form under the display. The issue can appear even if the phone isn’t damaged, dropped, of frequently used. The issue is random and is affecting a fairly small number of units.

Camera Issues

Users noticed that the camera often freezes on their Pixel devices, with pink and purple lines showing up on the screen upon freezing. Although the issue is connected with Google’s camera app, some users found that the issue can also happen in when using third-party camera apps. It seems only international versions of the two models are affected. A guerrilla tactic of putting the phone in airplane mode can fix the problem, but only temporarily. Google still hasn’t fixed the issue.

Another camera issue is causing for lens flares to appear when a bright source of light beams directly at the camera’s lens. Although lens flare is a natural phenomenon, it is visibly more noticeable with Pixel phones; even if the light source isn’t directly in line with the camera lens, White, pink, or purple rings can appear near the edge of the frame. Google released an update stating that it should fix the issue, but the update only minimizes it, it doesn’t fix the issue completely.

Microphone Issues

Pixel and Pixel XL microphone can randomly stop working, according to some reports. There isn’t an official fix for the issue, since it is unknown if the problem is software or hardware related, but if you switch the speakerphone on and off during a call, the microphone will start working again.

Audio Issue

Recently, one user noticed that, if audio is played on the device’s speaker at maximum volume it can become severely distorted. The problem is present no matter if audio is played via loudspeaker or via headphones.

It seems the issue is software related, so Google should release a fix soon. At the moment, there isn’t a way of fixing the issue.

OK, Google Voice Command Can Stop Working

Some users reported that when the “Ok, Google” voice command is spoken in order to launch Google Assistant, the assistant won’t launch while the screen is off, meaning that users can’t unlock the phone via voice. Google still hasn’t released the fix for the issue.


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