iPhone SE got released a month ago, and it had a huge start sales-wise in China, the market where Apple isn’t as strong as they want to be. Apple already tried to bring a lower price iPhone device (the infamous 5c) but the phone didn’t sell well, mostly because it was basically a last-year-specs device without a premium build quality. This time, Apple made a full-fledged iPhone with metal body and hardware taken from iPhone 6s, making iPhone SE basically a top-tier device that is more like Sony’s Xperia Compact series, where hardware is top-notch with only the screen being smaller than on the flagship model. This could lead to great sales numbers, especially because lots of iPhone users still have a 5s model, that has a classic 4-inch display, easier to handle with just one hand.

Image: http://www.engadget.com/
Image: http://www.engadget.com/

We want to show you that iPhone SE is, in fact, top-tier iPhone and that there is more than one reason to buy it instead iPhone 6s. So, let us start.

Build Quality

iPhone SE is basically the same full-metal-body device, same as its older brethren 6s/6s plus. It doesn’t have that glossy plastic look and feel iPhone 5c had, making it a true flagship device.

Smaller Screen

OK, this might look like a bad reason to buy SE, but many people like smaller screens. A small screen phone fits every pocket, is easier to handle and is generally less prone to falls and screen shatters. It still has Retina resolution (326 PPI pixel density) and is of the same quality like the ones found on 6s/6s plus. So, if not liking all those 5-inch plus beasts so hard to tame in your hands, iPhone SE is the choice for you.

Top-notch components

iPhone 5c had components that were outdated when compared to 5s, but SE is much better regarding this. It has the same Apple A9 chipset as 6s, 2 gigs of RAM, and is available in 16/64 GB of internal storage. It’s too bad that Apple hasn’t just offered 32 and 64 GB versions, but since it has a lower price than 6s, 64 GB edition should be the choice of most users.

Lower Price

Unlocked 64 GB iPhone 6s costs $749, iPhone 6s plus with the same amount of storage costs $849, a really high price for what they offer. But unlocked 64 GB iPhone SE costs just $499, meaning you’ll get the same specs in a smaller package for $250 less, which is great if you ask me. After all, most of us use tablets or notebooks for web surfing, and on the 4-inch screen, you still can still do everything you need when there is not PC or tablet around. And let’s be honest, most tasks on the iPhone can be finished through apps, and they are the same no matter if you use a 4-inch or 5.5-inch screen. The only reason for not buying iPhone SE could be love for phablets, and high frequency of internet browser usage.


iPhone SE could become the most popular iPhone of this year, and it has all the things it needs to become that. If you don’t like huge screens, like to hold and use your phone with just one hand, think that 128 GB of internal storage is too much, or think that $750 is just too much for the entry-level iPhone 6s (16 GB of internal storage) then just pick up SE. it only has a smaller screen, everything else is on par with 6s/6s plus. And most people don’t like huge screens anyway, making iPhone SE’s 4-inch display a perfect choice of many.