Sci-fi first person shooter Bullet Storm is getting a remaster. The Brazilian Ratings Board website puts the game on their website. This game is crass. Furthermore, it isn’t sophisticated and it isn’t artful. But it is a lot of fun most of the time. Where the obscene dialogue fails, the game mostly succeeds. Furthermore, you earn points by kicking your enemies into a sharp obstacle. Kick them in the rear end and fling them in the air. You can can also use your electric leash to bring certain enemies closer to you for a personal kill. Consequently, now you can do all of that in even better graphics as Bulletstorm Remastered will be arriving next year.

bulletstorm remastered
via steam

Bulletstorm Remastered spotted on Brazilian Ratings Board

The game is ludicrous and entertaining at every turn. You play as Grayson Hunt. A mercenary on a quest for revenge against his former commanding officer, General Sorano. You’re accompanied by a half machine and half human companion who is arguably the game’s best character.

Bulletstorm is all about the various profanities its characters string together in the most bizarre and sometimes disgusting ways. At times it feels like a forced attempt to appeal to our adolescent instincts. But no matter what you think of the game’s dialogue, it still has amazing gameplay.

The game has no shortage of in-your-face action. The campaign is packed with fun shooting that rewards you for being creative with your kills. It begins with the energy leash which is technically the same as the “Get over here!” leash in Mortal Kombat. There are other interesting weapons like the sniper rifle which allows you to move its bullets in mid-air.

Let us know what you think of Bulletstorm Remastered. There is no other confirmation aside from its appearance on the Brazilian Ratings Board.