The next two years (read: two months) are going to be interesting as Brianna Wu “runs” for office. Until she invariably loses interest and pulls out while blaming “GamerGate” or “the alt-right.”

brianna wu
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Brianna Wu is now going to run for Congress

She may have a platform for her run. But hardly anything coming from herself. So she latches onto classical liberal talking points and thinks they are revolutionary. That’s HER delusion. For the democrats, they use her because they think they can be hip now and probably reach the Bernie-Crowd. That’s THEIR delusion.

Brianna Wu couldn’t quite cut it as a game developer. So she used her cunning to set herself apart. OR: GamerGate was the lottery ticket that gave her fame. Otherwise, she would have stayed an unimportant weirdo. Maybe both.

That’s what this is. Virtually all of them are busybody control freaks and she’s no exception. Add to that that they’re authoritarians. And you have a leftist. Wu is so completely boringly predictable and dime-a-dozen.

We kind of hope she goes on to win. Mostly so we can laugh at her attempting to do actual work, quitting and then blaming it on the Patriarchy. However, if she does run, her victim narrative and the FBI files would be pulled out. And put to the forefront and that would literally destroy her chances. However, if she wants to take the shot to the delight and entertainment of us all, then she can knock herself out and go for it.

Source: Venture Beat


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