Zelda: Breath of The Wild is known for its numerous hidden treasures dotting the land of Hyrule. Most of them are pretty tricky to find, which is a nice thing since it forces players to explore and the game is made for explorers.

Of course, some of us don’t have so much free time and want to find out locations of legendary items without spending hours and hours looking for them so we managed to find out where the Hylian Shield is and share it with you. The shield possesses superb durability and the highest parry rating out of all shields found in the game. It can get broken, but once you unlock it you’ll be able to buy a new one at Tarrey Town.

The shield is located inside the murky underground of Hyrule Castle, and to reach it you’ll have to follow a few relatively simple steps.

Image Source: YouTube/GamerThatSucks13

Firstly, go to the pillar located on the southeastern side of the castle, climb it and then glide your way over the water. You have to glide towards the entrance to the castle. At about half way towards the entrance, change your direction towards the entrance located underneath the castle leading to the dungeons.

Image Source: YouTube/GamerThatSucks13

There’s a chance a guardian will wait for you; if there’s one just run as fast as you can towards the dungeon entrance. Okay, once you’re in there will be a chest nearby, loot it for a valuable diamond. A passageway should be located to the right of the chest. Use your bomb in order to destroy rocks blocking the passage.

Now that you entered the passageway you have to beat enemies waiting for you one the other side. After enemies have been handled hop aboard a nearby mine cart. Hit the cart forward by using Link’s Stasis Rune. Once the stasis expires, the cart will start moving forward. Once you reach the end of the tracks jump off the cart and go down the path. At the end of the path, you’ll find a door, head left at the door, and left again once you reach the end of the hall.

You can kill monsters found in some dungeon cells, but that’s completely optional. You’ll find a large round room at the end of the corridor, walk inside. Once inside the room, you’ll have to face Stalnox, a skeleton boss.

Hit its eyes with arrows to stun it, and then hit it a couple times while the huge skeleton is down. Repeat until you defeat Stalnox. The reward for defeating Stalnox is the Hylian Shield.

Check out the video below for detailed Hylian Shield Guide.


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