After the popularity of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day, Supercell has now returned with its very competitive and interesting mobile video game called “Brawl Stars”. Unlike all the previous games from the Supercell, the Brawl Stars is a strategic shooting game that is going to continue the legacy of the company – The Supercell.

Brawl Stars has been currently played in Canada, but the developer of the game is hoping to launch it globally due to its popularity and amazing gameplay. The combination of 3D graphics, alluring Brawls and addicting game controls, the game is ready to kill your boredom with some great action.

So, if you are new to Brawl Stars, you don’t need to panic as we have got you covered with our ultimate “Brawl Stars Beginner’s Guide”.


Brawl Stars: All You Need to Know

The Brawl Stars is a freemium game with the option of in-game purchases. The game is multiplayer and you can invite your friends to blow some drinks off with this action packed video game. But before you invite them, you need to go over everything that will help you win the battle. So check the ultimate guide to Brawl Stars and be the winner!

brawl stars beginners guide

What are Brawlers?

Before diving deep into the game, the first thing you need to know what Brawlers are? Well, the Brawlers are actually the heroes or main character of the game that you select to play on your control. There are different brawlers in the game and you will be given the choice to select them. Each brawler has different skills and abilities, just like each bird in “Angry Birds”, in order to make you win on the battlefield.

brawl stars brawlers

One Brawler has the ability to go invisible on the battlefield, while the other has the ability to introduce Bears in the battlefield to assist you. There are long range shooters and short range shooters as well to get you on the edge of the battlefield. For your convenience, here is a brief list of brawlers that you can start from:

  1. Barley – Regular Barkeeper
  2. Bo – Greatest Bowman with explosive arrows
  3. Brock – Lighting the dance floor with his smooth moves
  4. Bull – bull with a double barrel shotgun
  5. Colt – Long range shooter
  6. Crow – the enigmatic creature
  7. Dynamike – retired miner blowing the stuff off
  8. El Primo – superhuman with unveiled charisma
  9. Jessie – girls who fashion danger
  10. Mortis – speed is his plus
  11. Spike – the desert dweller
  12. Nita – little foot with big baby bear
  13. Shelly – Belle of the brawl

Besides these, there are lot more brawlers to discover!

Brawl Stars Game Modes

Various amounts of game modes in Brawl Stars is what that makes this game so unique and classy. To keep the interest of the player within the game, the Brawl Stars has several playing modes including:

1. Bot Brawl: This game type allows your brawler to enter the game type you prefer and to brawl against the Bots.

2. Co-Op Brawls: This is the most interesting one where you team up with your friends and your team battle against the Bots.

3. Traditional Brawl: The traditional Brawl mode is actually where you take your brawler up against other players.

Types of Events in Brawl Stars

There are four types of events that happen in your gameplay. You can access these events from the Brawl Tab. The events include:

1. Smash and Grab: My most favorite game type is the Smash and Grab in which your team has to collect the crystals found in the middle of the arena and if your team gets successful in collecting a total of 10 crystals at the end of the countdown, your team wins.

2. Showdown: The next event in the Brawl Tab is a showdown that includes ten players against each other, without making any teams. The last Brawler standing in the battlefield will win the contest.

3. Bounty: Bounty is the standard winning element in this gameplay, where each brawler starts its game with one bounty over his head. Killing another brawler will increase the number of Bounty over your head by one count and the team with the highest bounty score will win the game. But the thing you need to remember is dying will reset your bounty to one. So try to kill all the brawlers without dying.

4. Heist: Three teams are randomly assigned to their defensive or offensive teams. Whatever task you are assigned, you have to complete the task within the countdown of three, in order to succeed and win the event. In case you do not complete your task within 3 minutes, you lose the game.

Controlling Options in Brawl Stars

At the start of the game, the player is asked to choose the controls from the “Settings” Tab. There are two controlling options:

1. Joystick Move: This tap allows you to use your virtual joystick to move and shoot the brawlers. Tapping the screen will help you to shoot in the direction your brawler is facing.

2. Tap to Move: While in this controlling option, you have to tap the location on your screen to move the character or brawler. And swiping towards the enemy or object will help to fire and shoot in that direction.

By playing in both the modes, we concluded that Joystick mode is easy to control and fun to play, as it offers more precise shooting and moving. But if you are new to Brawl Stars, tap to move mode is the stronger choice.

Trophies and Ranking System

The ranking system is another unique feature of the Brawl Stars that makes its that much popular across the Canada is its ranking system. The ranking system is a deviation that we cannot find in any other Supercell’s game. In the Brawl Stars, each brawler has given the ability to rack up their trophies. The total number of trophies of each of your brawler will determine your ultimate ranking.

Game Currency

Game currency makes the game more exciting and interesting. The Supercell, in the Brawl Stars, has given us a plenty of treats and delights on which we can spend our earned coins and currency. There are several varieties in Brawl Stars’ game currency including the Gold, premium currency etc. You can also purchase the game currency for the different purposes, as with many other mobile video games.

Getting the Band Back Together By Social Tab

As mentioned above, you can make your teams with your friends and peers called “Bands”. You can access the bands by the Social tab. There are playing options as well as chatting options there, to help you get more of your game.

Brawl Boxes

The main source of rewards in the Brawl Stars is Brawl Boxes. These boxes might contain different rewards and prizes depending on the level of the boxes. You can obtain the Brawl boxes by the game currency, in-game purchases, winning matches and special events.

Now, playing Brawl Stars has become easy with our ultimate Brawl Stars guide. Does this guide help you in becoming a pro at Brawl Stars? Share views and thoughts in the comments section below.


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