Brad Pitt Lost Lot Of Weight After Split With Angelina Jolie; Makes Jaw-Dropping Appearance At Golden Globe Awards

Brad Pitt recently confessed to having the worst holiday season of his life. Post his break up with Angelina Jolie who had filed for divorce over irreconcilable differences, Brad Pitt’s Christmas re-union with kids was short-lived. The actor appeared to be going through post-Christmas blues when he apparently told his friends that last year holiday season was the worst in his life. It looks like the divorce has made him very upset, particularly about the fact that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with the kids. Brad Pitt was allowed to visit the kids only for four hours this Christmas. He had to hide all the trauma and put on a brave face while meeting the kids. Days after the holiday season, Brad Pitt’s appearance at the 2017 Golden Globes Awards reveals that the actor has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation.

Brad Pitt at 74th Golden Globe Awards (image source: Getty images)
Brad Pitt at 74th Golden Globe Awards (image source: Getty images)

Brad Pitt lost lot of weight: Jaw-dropping transformation post-breakup with Angelina Jolie

According to sources, “He lost a bunch of weight. He’s focusing on himself again, watching what he eats and has a chef making him healthy meals”. It looks like the actor is back to healthy eating and is spending considerable time hiking and walking. “He’s been outdoors a lot, hiking, and walking. He’s had a lot of time to focus on himself. He does a lot of weight training. He’s dedicated to clean living and eating right” adds another source.

Brad’s anguish was palpable since he was desperately missing having his kids with him during Christmas and New Year. According to reports, the actor has broken down in tears so many times. It looks like Brad Pitt is now working really hard, focusing on himself again and watching what he eats. He even has the chef making him healthy meals. The actor’s transformation is jaw-dropping, given that he had to go through a lot of trauma post the breakup.