The curious case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce has rattled the whole meaning of the controversial word “love”. Since the time the couple announced their split back in September 2016, the whole word went in split further picking a side of their favorite. Since it was claimed by many reports that Angelina Jolie was the one who decided to take a step back from their more than a decade-long relationship, a substantial reason for the unfortunate split was not revealed.

As time passed, speculations about Brad Pitt’s irrational parenting style surfaced and later FBI had to be involved. However, post investigation, Brad Pitt’s name was cleared from the allegations, the damage to his image was already done. Since this was not the end, the whole custody drama started which raised plenty of eyeballs. Nothing particular was concluded and the as per recent updates, the couple is now trying to be a family again after the whole drama further raising doubts.

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Clearly, Angelina Jolie went back to her work but it was Brad Pitt who had suffered the most from the case. According to, Brad Pitt was recently spotted in Los Angeles and appeared to look way slimmer than his original self. A source close to the magazine claimed that Brad is now in a good emotional state. The source revealed: “Things with his family have improved, all is being addressed privately, and it’s serving everyone in the family well.“  and further continued by saying that he is in a good form now and has been working out religiously, “lost a few pounds, he’s in very good shape”, the source added. Well, it appears that everything in the Brangelina world is sought and we cannot be happier. Stay tuned with us for more updates.