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The Bold and Beautiful has been engaging with its twisted love stories and has successfully kept the audience entertained even though it suffers a low IMDB rating. The latest spoilers of the sitcom release some excitement and sadness packed together for the audience.


The Good update:

Steffy and Liam had been facing trouble times since a really long time and their consistent on and off has kept all of us in the haze about the future of their relationship. But this time, finally, the makers have decided to unite the couple. Finally, some romance will be seen blooming back.

Another update claims that Quinn will be helping Steffy professionally so as she can work out her differences with Wyatt. Now we have to see that, with Steffy taking up the position as CEO, how she frees herself from the labyrinth of marriages woes.

The Bad update:

Well, it’s a show and the makers had to balance out the things. Nicole and Zende have also been facing backdrops of relationships and since the time, Nicole had got a glimpse of “an awkward situation” popped up in between Zende and Sasha, she would be forced to conclude something not in favour to their relationship and we don’t blame her. Awkward is awkward be it a bad luck trapped with bad intentions of others.

This, we call is a perfect sitcom, packed with love, twists, uncanny problems, unexpected proposals (since Maya and Rick had asked Nicole to become a surrogate for their child), startling opportunities that can level up professional life and many others, the list is endless. Bold and Beautiful airs on CBS. Watch the series for full-fledged drama. We will keep updating the column with more updates.  


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