Boku no Hero Academia chapter 119 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. In the previous chapter, instead of discussing the matter, Izuku and Katsuki went head to head with each other. Currently, fans have only one question in mind. Will they become friends after their battle or will they continue to hate each other?

Here is a short recap of Boku no Hero Academia chapter 119 and spoilers of chapter 120.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 119 Recap 

In Boku no Hero Academia chapter 119, Izuku decided to fight Katsuki. The reason behind him fighting Katsuki was to prove it to him what he has done for his side. Once Izuku challenged Katsuki, the two charged towards each other with all their might. Katsuki started attacking Izuku rapidly, while he just dodged his attacks. Katsuki put Izuku in a great disadvantage as he didn’t give him the time to think and attack. While fighting, Izuku sees how strong his classmate has become, so he comments on his strength. Katsuki was not in the mood for compliments so he attacked Izuku with an explosion.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 120

Izuku managed to dodge it and the two kept fighting. Katsuki continuously talked about how annoying Izuku is. However, Izuku didn’t pay any serious attention to what Katsuki said and despite the insults, he still told Katsuki how important he was to him. He told him that Katsuki was closer to him more than All Might, and he was the very person to whom he looked up to. He further told him that he has always been jealous because of what he could do, but this time, he won’t let him do what he wants to.

Izuku then runs out of patience and activates One For All Full Cowl. He targets Katsuki, which makes him worried. Katsuki is later seen stepping a few steps back after he sees that Izuku is moving faster now. Izuku then increases his power from 5% to 8% and launches an enhanced One For All kick at Katsuki.

Eraser To Appear In Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 120

Now, in Boku no Hero Academia chapter 120, rumour is that Izuku will finally gain the upper hand against Katsuki. Izuku will realise that he is now a match for Katsuki, so he will not have a hard time against him anymore. However, it is said that just when Izuku is about to defeat Katsuki, Eraser will interfere in their battle and will stop them.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 120 Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia chapter 120 will be released sometime in this week. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.