Even though connectivity options like NFC and WiFi are the newer trends, Bluetooth isn’t going to go out of trend anytime soon. The wireless standard is getting a major update to version 5, and Bluetooth 5.0 launch date is 16th June, that’s tomorrow. The launch date was announced by Mark Powell, Executive Director at Bluetooth SIG.

The Bluetooth 5.0 launch event will be held tomorrow in London, and the new version of Bluetooth will bring some serious enhancements to the tablet. First of all, Bluetooth 5 is going to be called Bluetooth 5 and not 5.0 due to marketing reasons. This naming scheme is being adopted to simply the marketing and to make it easier to provide technology updates.

bluetooth 5.0
image source: bgr.com

Bluetooth 5 will offer double the transmission range and will be able to reach transfer speeds four times faster than Bluetooth 4.0. For your information, Bluetooth 4.0 offers 25 MBps transfer speeds and 300 feet of transmission range on paper, so Bluetooth 5 looks like a very good improvement. The new version will also come with new functions for navigation and location-related services.

The company mentions that Bluetooth 5 will be increasing the adoption of beacons and location-bases services and their deployment around the world. New hardware with Bluetooth 5 support is expected soon, and it is possible that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 get the new version of the popular wireless standard.