The blue light emitted from the display of a smartphone can hamper the vision of the user. However, smartphone users spend more looking at the display that emits blue light. Users spend a lot of time in checking emails, watching videos, or chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. For these things, users end up viewing the screen for a prolonged time. BLUBOO is one brand that not only releases amazing smartphones at affordable prices but also is concerned about the well-being of the user. Hence, in order to take on the issue of harmful blue light, the Chinese manufacturer is providing “anti blue ray” tempered glass with BLUBOO S1.


BLUBOO S1 is a smartphone that boosts a very high screen-to-body ratio. Except for the bezel below the screen, the other three bezels are very slim. The display of the phone is so good that users are unable to take their eyes off from it. However, the anti blue ray tempered glass will do well in preventing the harmful blue rays that are emitted from the screen.

The tempered glass that will be provided by BLUBOO is imported from Japan. The tempered glass is quite hard and boasts excellent quality. It can effectively prevent the unwanted blue rays coming from LED and LCD screens. It will prevent various kinds of health issues caused by blue light emitting from the smartphone screen such as dryness of eyes, eye pain, strain on eyes, eye fatigue and more.


Even after using the anti blue ray tempered glass, the screen is able to show original colors. The Chinese smartphone maker has released a video to show the testing it has performed to check the tempered glass for BLUBOO S1. Here is the video:

The above video also provides a tutorial on how to install the tempered glass on the display. It has also shown steps on how to check whether the tempered glass is real or fake.

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BLUBOO S1 is one of the hottest smartphones on GearBest at present. The anti blue ray tempered glass is priced at $10. During the presales, BLUBOO is giving away the tempered glass for free to buyers who pre-order it. Users can visit this link to know more on the promotional offers that the company is running during the pre-sale of BLUBOO S1.