Owing to the popularity of Bluboo S1 and taking advantage of the high search volume for the smartphone, BLUBOO is intensely preparing for their second full-screen model BLUBOO S8 that features 18:9 aspect ratio to deliver a more stunning visual experience. According to the exposed pictures, the general idea we can get is that they continue to uphold design concept of “Simplification”. Obviously, BLUBOO is trying to seek for a differentiation in the phone industry.

As can be seen from the picture below, the fingerprint and Sony dual camera use the vertical design for balanced beauty and aesthetics. BLUBOO S8 adopts SONY IMX214 dual camera for a better photo effect. The main camera with 13.0 MP lens cooperates with the subordinate 3 MP lens to make the shots crystal clear and sharp.

In addition, the back cover process can become a unique selling proposition for the smartphone since it is processed with IML electroplating technology to bring exquisite multi-color visual effects and provide higher hardness and scratch resistance. You can see that the back cover is committed to providing smooth touch and gentle appearance.

What’s more, when compared with other traditional glass back cover process, BLUBOO S8 rear shell takes a unique CD effect – users from any angle can see the halo and lines, taking on more shocking visual effects and more obvious metal texture, thus creating a rich and unique visual feast. you can refer to this video launched by BLUBOO

It’s convincing that BLUBOO S8 is a model that deserves our attention. Looking forward to more exposures about BLUBOO S8!

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At present, BLUBOO S1 is on a hot sale at GearBest for $159.99.