Chinese smartphone maker Bluboo has been slowly establishing its foothold in the smartphone market through its premium yet affordable line of smartphones. The Bluboo Maya is one of the best and widely popular smartphones by the manufacturer. There’s some great news if you are a Bluboo Maya user as you can get as lucky as getting the whole amount you paid for the Maya refunded to you. And trust us, it’s pretty simple.

Bluboo Maya

Bluboo has always laid much emphasis on its camera department and that’s the reason why even we’ve praised it for its camera. There’s no denying that Selfies have become a global phenomenon and even Bluboo seems to recognize this fact. The result is an extremely interesting Bluboo Maya Selfie Contest. As the name suggests, it’s a selfie contest for the Maya owners and one lucky winner each week will get the entire amount he/she paid for his/her Bluboo Maya totally refunded.

Here’re the simple steps of how to participate and the basis rules and regulations of this contest [Update – Contest not available anymore]:

  1. First of all register yourself at one of the Bluboo forums if you haven’t yet done so.
  2. Upload your selfie taken from your Bluboo Maya into one of the contest posts.
  3. The selfie must be taken with Bluboo Maya and one of the selfies should be a self-portrait in a mirror with the ‘BLUBOO’ logo of the device clearly visible. Here’s a sample:Bluboo Maya
  4. You must have a valid e-mail address and there’s only one entry per contest per person.

The contest is open for a period of August 5th to September 29th and one lucky winner will be announced every week by Bluboo. The announcement will be made at 5:00 PM GMT+8 in a new post every Saturday.

You can easily increase your chances of winning by sharing your participating link on various social media platforms like Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc. The more likes and comments that you receive on your post, the greater are your chances of winning. You can get this link by clicking the “#” in the upper right corner once you post your selfie in the comment zone. So don’t delay anymore and enter this amazing contest if you still haven’t. Good Luck.