Those of you always tracking the developments in the exponentially rising Chinese smartphone market must be already well familiar with Bluboo Edge’s dual curved display and the respectable 2,600 mAh battery. While the battery is not nearly as big as some of the other well-known entry-level and mid-range rival products such as the Redmi 3S or Lenovo K4 Note, it does pull off a pretty impressive performance compared to even many high-end flagships — including, as you will see in the video below, the iPhone 7 Plus.

For their new Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus battery performance video, Bluboo full-charged both the handsets and set the display brightness levels at their maximum. The five-hour long test included five different types of activities each lasting an hour. These were offline video playback, video recording, playing games, browsing social media websites, and video chatting.

Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus

Following the first three hours of activities, the iPhone 7 Plus retained 51% battery capacity while the Bluboo Edge retained a notably higher 54% capacity.

Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus

In the next phase that involved one hour of network browsing, the iPhone 7 Plus lost further 15% charge compared to the Edge’s 16%. In the fifth and final leg of the test, one hour of video chatting cost the iPhone 7 26% of its remaining battery capacity while the Edge lost another 27%.

Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus

The final score stood at the iPhone 7 Plus retaining 10% of charge as compared to the 11% retained by the Bluboo Edge.

Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus

On a related note, Bluboo’s Black Friday offer is still on (till Nov 30), meaning you could still get a brand spanking new Bluboo Edge for only $109.99. Other discounted products include the likes of Bluboo Mini, MayaMax, Picasso 4G, and the Uwatch.

There’s also a separate giveaway event where you can win the Bluboo Uwatch for free. For more details visit the official Black Friday deals page:


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