It goes without saying that knowing how the individual components are put together under the hood can be immensely helpful in gauging the overall build quality of any electronic gadget, smartphones included. And as the competition among cell phone manufacturers keeps intensifying worldwide — especially among the new and emerging brands whose rivaling handsets are often tough to distinguish from one another in terms of specs and design — more and more companies have now begun emphasizing on the build-quality under the hood to gain an edge over others.

bluboo edge

In its latest video, Chinese smartphone maker Bluboo did just that with its much talked about Bluboo Edge smartphone. The disassembly video displays the inside of the handset and how easy it is to open it up using small tools such as screwdrivers and tweezers (as long as you don’t run out of patience).

Overall, the mainboard, as well as the rest of the components appear to be assembled pretty well, meaning you’ll require some serious skills to perform the teardown neatly.

Bluboo Edge teardown

For the uninitiated, Bluboo Edge comes equipped with a 5.5-inch OGS display with HD resolution, a quad-core processor with 1.3 GHz clock speed, a heart-rate monitor, a fingerprint sensor at the front, 256GB expandable storage, a 13MP rear camera (Sony), an 8MP front camera, 2600mAh battery, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Bluboo Edge is up for sale with attractive periodic discounts — the sales being part of Bluboo’s rather aggressive marketing strategy to capture as much as space as possible in the entry/mid-range sect of the market.


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