Bloodline Season 3 premieres on May 26, 2017. All the 10 episodes of the final season will be released by Netflix on the same day. A preview of the premiere episode has been dropped recently. It teases that Kevin calls up John and confesses about killing Marco.

In the finale of Bloodline Season 2, it is seen that Kevin and Sister Meg feel it is better to reveal the truth. Hence Kevin goes to detective Marco at night and tells him that John Rayburn killed Danny Rayburn and he was helped by them.

Upon hearing the truth from Kevin, Marco promises him that they will all go to prison. Agitated with Marco’s reply, Kevin picks up a small statue kept on Marco’s table, and he starts hitting him till Marco dies. The Season 2 has wrapped up on a cliffhanger where Meg almost confesses the secret to Sally (Her mother) on who killed their elder brother Danny. And John was seen driving away from the Florida Keys.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bloodline

When Bloodline Season 3 premieres, it will pick up with the story of Marco, Kevin, and John. The murder committed by Kevin of Marco brings John Rayburn back to the family. A newly dropped preview of the premiere shows Kevin confessing to John about the murder. He also tells John that he has found a guy who can “fix it” (Perhaps Marco’s body). But John asks him not to do anything and just be there and he will see him.

Recently in an interview, the series executive producer Todd A. Kessler spills the beans on what is coming next for Kevin and John after the former murders Marco, the detective.

He says about John, “What turns him around from just trying to leave is Kevin.” He continues, “He’s pulled back into the family fold because of the murder of Marco. That’s the catalyst that gets him back,” reported Variety. Hence one can assume that the premiere will show John returns to the family after he gets the call from Kevin Rayburn.

Bloodline Season 3 will be released on Netflix this Friday.

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