We know people might disagree. But we honestly enjoyed Bloodborne a lot more than the Souls games. Not because it’s got a better story. We honestly think they’re about the same but the gameplay and the themes are so much more beautiful (in our opinion). From the gothic architecture of yharnam to the twisted landscape of the nightmare realms. And it may be just us. But it is so satisfying to see abominations, like the brain of menses, fit so well into the game. And their grotesque image is enough to keep us intrigued for days. That’s why we’re hyped now that there are rumors of Bloodborne 2 in development.


Bloodborne 2 might be From Software’s next project

We’d love From Software to make a worthy sequel both fitting in story and rich expansive lore. And in dark gothic art detail, with gore subtlety added into the environment. The only problem we think they’d face is originality as they’ve seemed to reach into the depths of their own twisted creativity. What else, other than perhaps just another hunter in another place fighting another mass of great ones we ask.

Where else could the story and lore go that hasn’t already been looked into by the lore in Bloodborne. Needless to say, we think it’d be a great investment for From Software. But we think they’re not gonna easily hand over and make Bloodborne 2. As we think they’re reluctant to make it on a PS4 only platform, unfortunately. Oh well, fingers crossed that Bloodborne 2 will be on our wish list for next Christmas.

Source: Game Transfers


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