If you’ve been using iOS, you must know how it feels to grab limited period offers – especially when it comes to apps. Paid apps for iPhone/iPad are hard to find, but today, we’re giving just the right tip to our Apple loyalists – Top paid apps that can be pulled for free. Yeah, you heard that right! The developers of these apps have slayed the complete price tag as limited time offer. There’s no word when this deal might end, but as of now, these super-cool apps are available for free and should get right away.

Magic Launcher Pro – Regular price $2.99

One of the most famous apps on iTunes, Magic Launcher Pro, offers a neat way to use your iPhone or iPad. The Today Widget App launcher works smoothly and handles a number of tasks, be it launching a system or third party app or calling your friends by swiping to their name. It makes your iPhone clutter-free and gives you one-touch access to all the essentials, even to the settings of your phone. In fact, you can even modify the layout of this launcher by tweaking icon size, text and shape. You can get the app here.

PINE GROVE – Regular price $1.99

Pine Grove, the famous game where you can showcase your detective talents is also up for grabs. The game runs around John, a phychic detective who reads the evidence, checks crime scenes and tries to find the culprit. Not to mention, you’ll be playing as John, collecting evidence and making arrests on the basis of what you’ve collected. You can download PINE GROVE here.

Pinball Breaker Forever – Regular price $1.99

Pinball and Brick Breaking are games that hardly need any introduction. We’ve been loving them since the 80s, but now they’re better than ever –  mixed into one. Pinball Breaker Forever merges the two games to produce a supercharges twitchy gaming experience. Blocks appear in waves and slowly go down the screen. Your job, like always, will be to defend your home and destroy the blocks before they come down. You can get Pinball Breaker Forever here.

Molight – Regular price $0.99

If you’re in love with music, Molight is the app for you. This smart photo-editing app captures the feel of five music genres into your photos, giving them a vivid and unique look. You can adjust the intensity of the filter by genre (Classic, Jazz, Blues, Fork, Pop) and can also fine-tune various items such as contrast, saturation, and temperature. Longs story short, this app has got everything to embrace your love for music into your photos. You can download Molight here.

One Second App – Regular price $2.99

Designed for business users, One Second App works as a business watch that tracks your time and money. Simply put, the app helps you keep a tab on your working hours and the money earned during that period. It makes a perfect companion for designers, developers, planners, tutors, drivers, and others workers who’re paid on an hourly basis. You can get the One Second App here.

So, here you go! These are the top paid apps that are up for grabs for free. The apps are free as of now, but as there’s no fixed date, the offer could end as early as today or could still take up to a week. To be on the safer side, I’d rather suggest hopping in as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more!


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