We have a roundup of all the key announcements from Blizzcon 2016. Before anyone decides to go their usual rant about Blizzard not revealing Diablo 4, keep in mind that they have a lot of games to maintain. WoW, SC2, D3, Overwatch, HotS AND Hearthstone. That is goddamn enormous for one single company. We’re getting some good content for each is good enough for us.

blizzcon 2016
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BlizzCon 2016 – Overwatch Sombra, World of Warcraft and Diablo 1 remake

We were pretty disappointed with the Diablo announcement and were expecting something more meaty after them not really adding new content for a while. We all just had really high expectations for a D2 full remaster or a new D3 expansion. They did, however, kind of win back our favor with all the new WoW content planned for the future. Basically, everyone was expecting more from Diablo and less from WoW.

We have a feeling that’s their long term plan. Diablo 1 remake with necromancer this year. Next year Diablo 2 remake with druid. Then we’ll get Diablo 4. We think they want to tie the franchise together. Pretty sure they realized with D3 just how attached we Diablo fans are to the series. That unlike other games we STILL play the originals and will judge the newer one by the older ones. That they cannot keep rehashing sequels like Call of Duty and we’ll just eat it up. It’s crazy just how many people still play D1 and D2.

And finally, Overwatch fans finally got to see Sombra in all her might and glory. Overwatch Sombra is a Mexican hacker girl who is smart, witty and full of humor. However, some players were complaining that it was too OP but we’ll have to see later on when the Overwatch Sombra update goes live.

Let us know your thoughts on the recent BlizzCon 2016.


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