We hope Blizzard knows they are losing business/cash by removing content adults would enjoy. A lot of people are planning on buying Overwatch. And most have bought everything Blizzard released up till now. But after removing the cash auction house from Diablo 3 and now poses from overwatch, they will never get a dime from the players ever again. Maybe it’s just us but we’re sick of good content being removed. And adult games being made child-friendly. What on earth ever happened to using parental lock codes rather than patching things out.

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Blizzard is caving to PC culture and it’s a bad thing

We’re more upset about the ability to sell items being removed from Diablo 3 after many players paid for it. As well as the need to be online 100% of the time not being removed when Blizzard justification for the requirement was for cash and security. As for the yellow butt, most only ever saw it in a YouTube video informing them it was being removed because of a sexual nature. Guns, drugs, murder, alcohol and more are all OK. But sexuality crossed the line?

So many things once enjoyable have been changed to accommodate a vocal minority in gaming, We can’t stop this trend but I can refuse to support it with our money. It’s not the pose being removed but the trend Blizzard is setting. Many want the game more sexy and not less. The characters and their sex appeal to many is what made the game stand out.

Blizzard also used this to advertise. Even making a comic showing tracer with a female partner. Blizzard’s sole motivation for the time and effort making this was to advertise and sell their game using sexuality. The removal of this content to us is like a bait and switch. We would rather jump off the Blizzard train before washing cash on another game that’s unenjoyable because of the audience they are pandering to.

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