Blizzard is reportedly planning on allowing one special Overwatch character to jump to the Heroe’s of the Storm 2.0. On the other hand, Hearthstone is going to cost big if you want to complete the whole new Journey to Un’Goro expansion.

According to the latest reports, the character of Genji is now playable in Heroes of the Storm Beta version 2.0.  In total, four characters can now be controlled in Heroes of the Store. One is Genji and the other three are Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio.

Furthermore, the re-imagined version of Hanamura Map is also made available for battlegrounds. This map is also a big part of the Heroes of the Storm update 2.0. Following are the Genji’s abilities in the Heroes of the Storm.


Throws 3 Shurikens in a spreading pattern. Each of the Shurikens deals 65 damage to the first enemy. It stores up to 3 charges. Shuriken cooldown adds up all the charges again at the same time.


Protects for about 1.25 seconds. Any damage remains blocked during the period of 1.25 seconds. This enables Genji to throw the Kunai at the nearest enemy. This also helps prioritize Heroes and deal 55 damage. The Damage Deflect remains at 0.

Swift Strike:

It helps dash forward and deal almost 215 damage to the enemies approaching in a line. Furthermore, helps cool down and mana cost refunded with enemy heroes demise in 2 seconds.


Helps unleash the DragonBlade for 8 seconds. During the time its active, DragonBlade can also be reactivated in order to lunge and slash the enemies in a big arc pattern. Deals 240 damage. Furthermore, Swift Strike cooldown gets reset if the enemy heroes are killed in 2 seconds.


X-Strike helps perform 2 slashes and deals 135 damage to the enemies. Every slash detonates in 1.25 seconds and causes an additional 270 damage to the enemies in their own area.

Heroes of the Storm is going to launch on 25th April 2017. It’ll be the very first update to add any Overwatch Map to the game.

It’s been also revealed that the Hearthstone Novel expansion Journey To Un’Goro will cost more if you want to complete it fully.

According to a Redditor Seaserpent02, it is projected that the New Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un’Goro costs around $400 for all cards unlock. This includes all the 135 Cards as well as all the duplicates from the Dust. It happens if you buy the cards in bundles of 50.

So, all the players get ready to spend more if you want to complete the whole expansion. You’ll have to pay more to play more. Is that what you wanted for the new Hearthstone expansion? Well, let us know about your ideas to minimize the costs. Leave comments below.


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