We all know that high-end smartphones nowadays come with brightest of the mobile displays available in the market. With high nits and pixel densities, they ultimately end up hogging the battery life of the phone. But what is still a very less known fact is that the color of your wallpaper can decide your battery life. It is said that a pure black or any dark-colored image as your wallpaper can save power as compared to a lighter wallpaper.

samsung galaxy s5

But it’s not as plain as that. All this depends on the type of display that your smartphone carries. If your handset comes with a LCD display like most of the current smartphones, then this technique won’t work for you. That’s because the crystals in those displays get lit up from a light source placed behind them; so they need the light even for the black colors.

However, OLED and AMOLED screens work differently. Current is passed through the diodes to reproduce colors, but the blacks need no light. Therefore, the black color seen on these kind of LED screens is true black color and not a forced black color like the LCD. So if you want to save your battery life, you should look out for a smartphone with AMOLED display, eg. Samsung and LG.

Coming back to the topic, you can use any color wallpaper on LCD screens and it won’t matter at all. But if your phone features an AMOLED or OLED screen, then using a dark wallpaper and theme will save up to 8% of battery per hour. Of course, the battery life depends on your usage habits and processor, but this tip does no harm and can save up that extra percent of battery you might urgently require someday.


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