Treyarch held a live stream yesterday for around 10 minutes to check in with all of us. And let us know they will be back in 2017 with more cool things. They also announced something called “Newton’s Cookbook” and alluded to more coming soon. What could possibly be on the horizon for Black Ops 3?

black ops 3
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What’s new for Black Ops 3?

Making it a completely different DLC outside of the Season Pass is the worst thing they could do at this point. It’s bad enough Season Pass holders for Black Ops 3 already felt ripped off by getting almost nothing extra. And some not even getting to play some of the DLC maps because it died off so fast. But making those players pay another $15 for who knows how many players? It wouldn’t sell well at all.

As for sales being down, that’s fine. You don’t need to sell over five million copies of a game to have it survive. Plus sale numbers aren’t the be all for games. AW, based on VGCharts, sold 2.8 million units in the US. And it died off pretty quickly. Along with that, we don’t think they’re as worried about the sale numbers anymore when most of the money they seem to make from these games now are supply drops.

A lot of players will not be playing Black Ops 3 anymore. After all the patches and updates the game is unplayable. The lag is unbelievable and many players lose connection every other game. Most don’t have a problem but now something happened.

The problem with the current system of paid DLC is that it splinters an already shrinking audience. Many players can’t stand the zombies mode. But they wouldn’t mind some new MP maps, the problem could be finding decent matches.


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