Black Friday is just around the corner. All over the US, shops are about to go crazy with Black Friday Deals. The Thanksgiving holiday has become the shopping event of the year, with shoppers lining up in hordes to clear out discounted stocks. Even the electronic gadgets have become one of most sought after products during the Black Friday sales. You can get great deals on various products, from televisions to gaming consoles, from an X-box to an iPhone 7.

Black Friday Deals 2016 $100 Discounts On iPhone 7, 7 Plus

The Black Friday deals are offered in terms of discounts, vouchers or coupons, and even upgrades. The new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to come with up to $100 discounts. Last year, Walmart offered $100 worth of discount on the popular iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices.

The current flagships are probably the most popular smartphones in the market. The absence of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, will direct even more customers towards the Apple iPhone 7 devices. The tech giant can expect a boost in its sales in the last quarter of 2016.

Black Friday Deals 2016 $100 Discounts On iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Other retailers, such as Target and Best Buy might also offer vouchers for various Apple products such as the Apple iPad and iPad Pro. During last Black Friday sale, Target offered $50 discounts on AT&T and Sprint iPhone bundles. While the Best Buy offered a big $200 store gift card with the iPhone trade-in program. Additionally, the 64GB and 128GB iPad Mini 4 models were also available at $100 discount.

Apple is also expected to release the new MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 before the end of this month. Both new devices might also be available during this year’s Black Friday sale. According to, the original Apple Watch could be available for as low as $150 this Black Friday. The newer Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 may also get up to $50 discount. Overall, Apple fans are likely to have a ball.


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