Daum Games Europe’s upcoming MMORPG Black Desert Online will be coming out next month, on the 3rd of March, and is kicking off the final stage of its beta program tomorrow. As part of its promotion, Daum Games has revealed a brand new opening cinematic for the game, viewable below.


The video is narrated by Tay Zonday (yes, that Tay Zonday, of Chocolate Rain fame) and shows off the city of Goma Naru, Central City of Trading and a city of sailors and merchants. Of course, things don’t remain hunky-dory for long, as the city is struck by the wrath of one “Elision Stone”, a mythical stone from the Ancient Civilization. It’s unclear how players fit into all of this, but the game itself revolves around the conflict between the Kingdom of Valencia, and the Republic of Calpheon.

Black Desert Online is developed by South Korean developer Pearl Abyss, founded in 2010. The game itself was revealed way back in 2012, and has been slowly inching its way towards release. Of particular note is its incredibly detailed character creator that has been used to create visually stunning characters.



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