Thanks to the never-ending demands of torrents, BitTorrent torrent downloading software is a household name now for every torrent downloader. Of course, a lot of people still think that the torrent-downloading business is illegal. But BitTorrent has changed that now with its on-demand program BitTorrent Now.

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BitTorrent Now is basically like Netflix. But what’s special about BTN is that it provides 70% of the profits to its content creators. Many artists and studios have already signed up to BitTorrent Now while many more are jumping on the platform, all thanks to the huge chunk of the profits going into the pockets of the content creators.

Also, the BitTorrent Now app has been released on Android even before on iOS, which is something different. It looks like Netflix and other on-demand service providers should be worrying right now. If you want to check out BitTorrent Now, you can go to its official website via your laptop or desktop. The free content streaming is ad-supported, and there’s paid content too. Though we don’t know if people would leave free YouTube to pay for BitTorrent Now videos.

Of course, the success of the BitTorrent Now service depends largely upon how the company leverages its popularity among PC users. Nothing concrete can be said right now about the future of this service. Only time will tell if the company can make a mark in this area or if it has to shut it down later.


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