AMD is all set to give tough competition to Intel. With its latest and greatest CPU and GPU offerings, AMD is looking at reclaiming the lost graphics card market share. AMD Ryzen is powerful enough to take on Intel’s processors and AMD’s Vega architecture based GPUs are likely to give Nvidia a tough competition too. AMD CEO Lisa Su also recently confirmed that two 7nm products tape out will happen this year – one, the 7nm Zen 2 and Zen 3 that will succeed the existing 14nm Zen. During its Financial Analyst Day event, AMD had already announced two new product trademarks. And now, many more have been leaked!

AMD CoreAmp, Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos and Promethean trademarks leaked

In what is being seen as one of the biggest trademark leaks, several AMD’s unannounced trademarks have been leaked. AMD has already announced Threadripper & EPYC trademarks. These were trademarked in March and are for AMD’s upcoming high-end desktop and server processors.

image source: wccftech

CoreAmp doesn’t really look like a name AMD would give to a processor/product. It’s most likely got to do with an overclocking feature on one of the upcoming products. Promethean, on the other hand, sounds like a name AMD would give to high-end chipset featuring Threadripper processors.

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Pharos and Aragon look to be internal codenames for AMD technologies and not ones that AMD would consider for brands. Kyzen, which sounds strikingly similar to Ryzen, looks to be a brand for one of AMD’s upcoming products since the trademark Kyzen was filed under the same category as Ryzen. In case you are wondering what Zenso is, it’s the name of the circular Zen logo that AMD has been using for Ryzen.