HTC’s coming huge statement includes a cellphone replacement service that is busted. Dubbed “Uh-oh,” the forthcoming option will take the already accessible HTC Advantage to an entirely new level.

The brand new “Uh-oh” service provides a complete year of protection — compared to the six months made available by HTC Advantage — and that protection will go well beyond simply broken glass. HTC will include the water damage support in addition to current glass damage, which can be quite a big deal by itself, but the company just not stopped here and extended the support for changing carriers within the initial year.

HTC may also be offering a method that functions as a buyback or trade in service, which comprises up to $100 towards a brand new HTC One M9. It is unclear exactly what the values for the individual trades will be or what apparatus will likely be accepted in this plan yet, but the plans of HTC here resemble cellular phone trade in attempts we have seen both fail and succeed in this space.

htc one m9 big news, u.s.a customers

We are going to watch this live event to find out exactly what the caveats are for this kind of strategy. But as it stands HTC Uh-oh is more than a little remarkable, as well as the business is going to be expecting this excellent support package will place its new main device independent of the contest.



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