Big Brother Season 19, July 5, Episode 4, has seen a major development. The competition for Power of Veto is held and Alex wins the game. As a result, Cody has to nominate another Houseguest to replace Alex from nomination. Who is it? Read to know more.

Power of Veto Competition

For this competition, Big Brother Season 19 nominees Jillian and Alex will be playing with Head of Household and other random nominees nominated by Cody. Finally, Cody, Alex, Jillian, Matt, Raven, and Jason participate in the game. Kevin is the host of this game.

In this game, the players go in the backyard where everything is seen having a beach like stuff. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, “they (contestants) are to pull the plug on their aqua-clock race to the water to gather a starfish and stack them up one at a time,” it adds, “but they must remember to put water in their clock; if it runs out of water their score will be locked in. The competitor with the highest score wins the PoV.”

But this game has a temptation. As per the aforementioned source, “if one of the contestants finds the large golden starfish you can avoid being a Have Not for the rest of the summer.” It adds, “but if they do that, the one who takes it will immediately eliminate themselves from the PoV competition”.

In this competition, Raven took the golden starfish. As a result, she is out of the competition. Matt collected 10 and Jason collected 14 starfish. Cody gave up after his starfish keep falling. Finally, it was Alex who wins the game and Power of Veto by collecting 16 of them!

Alex decides in a meeting that she wants to use the Power of Veto on herself. Hence Cody has to nominate another Houseguest to take place of Alex. He takes the name of Paul but then his Pendant of Protection appears on the screen, reported the aforementioned source. As a result, Cody cannot nominate Paul. Everyone learns that Paul has taken a temptation. Cody nominated Christmas and the meeting is adjourned.

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Another Interesting Twist

In this episode, Den of Temptation (DoT) consequence is revealed. Since one Houseguest takes the temptation they all have to enter the den and put their hand in the serpent’s mouth. Only one Houseguest will be bitten and cursed. This time it was Ramses.  He is put on the chopping block prior to nominations within the next 3 ceremonies as a special third nominee, as per the aforementioned source.

Big Brother Season 19 airs on CBS Network.


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