Big Brother Season 19 Episode 7 has seen Head of Household Paul executing his backdoor plan to nix Cody from the competition. He finally gets that opportunity in this episode as Paul wins the PoV competition and replaces Josh with Cody.

The new episode of Big Brother Season 19 picked up right after where it was left. The three Houseguests who are cursed as Christmas took the temptation are Jason, Jessica, and Cody. Their punishment as a consequence of someone taking the temptation is that they have to wear the toad/frog suits for the entire week. Also, they are now called as VeToads and “also have to hop everywhere they go and unless sleeping must always be on a lily pad, situated in every room,” reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Power of Veto Competition Held

To contest in the PoV competition Paul nominates Elena and Matt along with himself. The other three Houseguests who are already nominated and will play to win this game are Alex, Josh, and Ramses. If Ramses wins the PoV, Paul will not be able to replace him. So he is seen trying to convince Ramses to lose this competition. To which Ramses does not agree and has his own valid reasons.

This time the PoV competition is very interesting. It is a trip around the world and is called The Path of Least Resistance, as per the aforementioned source. In this, Houseguests have to go to each terminal and have to answer a question. If they answer it right they get the flight to the next terminal. But if they answer it wrong their flight gets delayed. Hence the Houseguest who makes it first within the shortest time gets the Power of Veto.

The competition is fierce and except for Ramses and Paul rest, four seems to have already lost it. Finally, Paul wins the game and the PoV. He now gets the chance to replace one of the nominees. He asks them to give their speech. Ramses and Alex give their plea speech to get replaced. But Josh seems to be with Paul to nix Cody out of Big Brother Season 19. He gives a speech against Cody. As a result, Paul replaces Josh with Cody.

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Three Nominations For This Week

The three Houseguests out of whom one will have to go packing home are Cody, Alex, and Ramses. It will be interesting to watch who leaves the home and to see if HoH Paul is able to work out the plan against Cody. Big Brother Season 19 airs on CBS Network.


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