Big Brother Season 19 Episode 2 witnessed an interesting competition to become the House of Head. Cody emerged as the winner of Head of House (HoH) and has now nominated two contestants for the eviction. Read to know more.

The theme of temptation continued to mark its presence in the Big Brother Season 19 house on the second day. Previous season’s winner Nicole Franzel returns to the house to conduct the competition for HoH.  The game has simple rules. Nicole divides the Houseguests into four teams. Each team has two men and two women. The teams formed are as follows:

Yellow: Josh, Kevin, Elena, Jillian

Blue: Raven, Megan, Mark, Paul

Pink: Matthew, Jessica, Cody, Dominique

Orange: Ramses, Christmas, Alex, Jason (Via Big Brother Network)

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The HoH Competition has One Major Temptation

The four teams have to compete against each other in the garden of temptation. Here they have to retrieve 8 rotten apples from the vines and once they are done, have to press the button to enter the next round. But there is one major temptation which has a big consequence.

There is a golden apple in the garden. The person who finds it and chooses to pick it up will be safe for the rest of the week. But this means his team gets eliminated from the HoH competition. The game begins and Josh from Team Yellow picks up the golden apple. And at the end of the competition Team Blue and Pink move to the next round. Team Yellow teammates are furious at Josh’s decision to pick up the golden apple and it appears he has dug a big hole for himself.

As the next two teams move ahead in the competition, they are given a new task.  For this task, the two teams have to place seven good apples on the puzzle tree. And then, have to get back through the vines with all their apples staying on the tree, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. But to perform this task they have to pick one person from each team. Cody represents Team Pink while Paul represents Team Blue. In this round, Cody is quick in his task and wins. In this way, he becomes the Head of House for Big Brother Season 19.

Which Two Contestants Are Nominated?

After the other Houseguests have one by one discussion with Cody, he makes up his mind to nominate two contestants. As per the aforementioned source, they are Jillian and Megan and then Cody adjourns the nomination ceremony.

The next episode of Big Brother Season 19 will air on Sunday.



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