Big Brother Season 19 Episode 1 has seen several major twists. But one of the twists called ‘Tempted By The Fruit’ has sent one Houseguest packing home. Read to know who was evicted in the premiere episode.

The major revelation in premiere episode is the return of Big Brother Season 18 Houseguest Paul Abrahamian to Season 19. This happens because Kevin takes the first temptation and pushes the button, claiming the $25,000, and as a consequence he cannot become Head of House and one additional member comes to the house, which is Paul.

When Paul comes everyone knows that he is here for a reason. Houseguest Jason realizes someone is going home, as there are only 16 places at the table, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. And soon Julie announces that he is also competing with them to win the grand prize.

Paul gets a chance to secure eight of the Houseguest in the second major twist. He chooses, Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena. This means Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian, and Christmas have to battle it out in the third major twist called ‘Tempted By The Fruit’ to prevent eviction from the house.

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 Tempted By The Fruit Evicts One Houseguest

All the eight Houseguest have to “…hang on their trapeze bar and grab their balancing rope and hang on” as per the aforementioned source. The person who hangs longer will be safe from eviction and if they fall off and fail to keep hanging then, they will have to grab an apple from the actors dressed as serpents.

There is one more twist. Four apples are good while three of them are bad/poisonous, hence the one who gets the bad apple will go on the chopping block. And one out of the three will be evicted.

In this twist, Cody becomes safe because he manages to hang for a long time. But then it is time to check the apples. Out of these eight, Jillian, Christmas, and Cameron gets the bad apples. And Matt, Josh, and Megan and Alex get the good apples.

As a result, Jillian, Christmas, and Cameron go on the chopping block where the next twist waits. That is the twist of Power. According to Big Brother Network, these three can choose to have one more competition or they can decide by letting the Houseguests vote to decide their fate. Except for Cameron, Jillian and Christmas decide to have voted. After the voting is done it is revealed that Jillian and Christmas are safe and Cameron is evicted. She gets 8 votes while Jillian gets three and Christmas get two.

Big Brother Season 19 next episode will take place on Thursday at 9/8c on CBS Network.


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