Title: The Brain Bowl Incubation

Sheldon and Amy are doing an experiment combining skin cells and Sheldon’s really excited, because it could create a child from this. And he adds that Amy knows what the next step. She says it would be put in an incubator, but Sheldon says no, but goes to the door, closes it, let his pants fall and he says to make a baby. [Note: At some point, the lack of interest in sex Amy Sheldon offers explained, because she does not want to get pregnant].

Penny and Leonard make redecoration department 4A (because now the department belongs to them, to have moved Sheldon officially to 4B with Amy), but Penny was influenced decisively in all changes, ie, they are all very feminine, which does not leave Leonard very happy. However, at the end he accepted because as he explains, if you like Penny, okay.


Raj has a new love, is called Essabella (guest star, Maria Canals-Barrera, who played Theresa Russo, the mother of Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place, Disney), Raj asks her out and dine in his office but Howard enters and recognizes apparently she works in cleaning the laboratory and then she asks Raj if he is ashamed of her for her work. Raj apologizes and she accepts his apology. It was a very sweet scene.

A purpose of this appointment, at a time when Penny asks Leonard why he does not eat his broccoli, because Raj does to look after her figure since Essabella is dating. Leonard replied that he is already married, so no need to care. And still eating their food.

Sheldon makes another attempt to seduce Amy. Leonard and Penny find Amy at the foot of the stairs, she did not want to climb (been there three hours), because there is a road of rose petals.The three rise and Leonard get to joke about it, so when they come to his apartment, he asks what she will find behind door number 2 (as in those game shows). Lenny enters his apartment and Amy finally enters 4B and find more rose petals towards the bedroom.

She enters the room and finds Sheldon prepared, your entire gel covered, and I think a ponytail, wearing a white collared shirt and checkered pants and a glass of wine in one hand hair. He says, “Hello”, offers wine but she rejects him, Sheldon was not surprised because he says it is disgusting (wine). He says he also got a colony based on pheromones deer, but has a funny smell. Amy says not surprised, because everything smells petting zoo. Sheldon asks if she wants to pet him (her hair, like a pet), but then adds that it is not your hair but is bound by glob (or something like that, maybe put extensions or a wig, because it seems to have pigtail).

Sheldon starts the music from his mobile and begins to dance flamenco, all sensual. Amy just says that this is very foolish. Sheldon mutters: “So it becomes difficult,” then drop a pen on the floor and bends over to pick it up. Amy simply leaves the room and closes the door behind her.Sheldon says: “He never even saw my ass”. But Amy just closed the door turns and mutters: “That was very close.”


Just as the previous episode, again we have enough details of the plot of this couple. This is the most surprising thing about the episode. In particular, by the unnatural behaviour of Sheldon, who spends almost the entire episode sexually harassing Amy.

Leonard and Penny will continue to enjoy his recent release of Sheldon, and dedicated to condition your home to your liking. At least like Penny, although admittedly that the department needed a feminine touch to make her feel at ease. We’ll see what we show.

In addition, we have some information on Raj, who seems to have a meeting with Latin flavor (and I fear, with the usual jokes about them). The Howardette, unfortunately, we have nothing. See if in the coming hours or days some additional information is filtered.

A final comment, This episode will divide some fans, because the great change that arises around Sheldon some fascinate them, while others will abhor. Luckily, it seems to be a quite comedy, so keep hopes that this will alleviate some romantic melodrama that is coming.


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