Big Bang Theory ended with a shocker, a shock that not was expected at all. We can say in our defense that we were not prepared for this. But since it happened, we here, gossip about the same. In the finale episode, it was shown that Dr. Ramona Nowitzki who happens to be a Sheldon admirer impulsively kissed Sheldon, to which Sheldon just stood his shock.

After the kiss, when Ramona stood awaiting a reply or an action from Sheldon, Sheldon instead stood up, moved out of the apartment, took a cab, went to the airport, booked a flight to Princeton and went straight to Amy, and then on his knees, popped the marriage question to a startled Amy.

Amy was standing in acute amazement as she was in a robe and did not respond with anything to Sheldon. Well, the finale ended, showing an awaited reaction from Amy, fans went to grab a tissue when they saw Sheldon proposing Amy after their consistent halts in their relationship.

Well, no one was expecting such a reaction from Sheldon and with him traveling straight to Princeton to pop the question, was just as adorable as a fairytale. It did come out all of a surprise that Sheldon asked Amy to marry him but it was also quite feisty and more than asked.  

Adding more to the answer of Amy, showrunner, Steven Molaro added in an interview with Paper:

“On paper, it makes sense that she would say yes, but it’s a little complicated,” he told USA Today. “I have versions of the answer that are playing out in my head for us to talk about in the writers room. I think it’s good for a show when we pull the trigger on these momentous events even when we don’t know if we’re fully ready for it. It keeps it exciting.”

Well, we can’t wait for the next season to come out. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep up!


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