The Big Bang Theory – the very famous American TV sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady – premiered in September 2007. Nearly 9 years later, the show has come to have a huge fan-following and has successfully completed nine seasons. But Season 10 may very well be the last run of the epic series. Sources claim that one of the reasons why the show would not continue with the eleventh season is that Jim Parsons – who plays the character of Sheldon Cooper – may get busy with other commitments.


But Kaley Cuoco – who plays the character of Penny – in an interview told that the cast members want to stick with the show. “That’s the overall consensus. It might be a sticky road, but if I have anything to do with it, we’d be here for much longer. That’s the goal” she said.

Jim Parsons Quitting To Focus On Movies?

Jim Parsons is likely to quit playing the character of Sheldon Cooper and instead concentrate on his movie career. Jim Parsons stars in an upcoming movie titled Hidden Figures. The movie is scheduled for Christmas release. In the movie, he plays the role of a NASA Space engineer Paul Stafford. There are also reports about Jim Parsons playing a role in the movie The Normal Heart, along with Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo.

Other reports talk about The Big Bang Theory spinoff series, which will primarily focus on Sheldon Cooper’s life as a teenager in Texas. Only Jim Parsons is expected to be part of this project. None of the other Big Bang Theory cast members have been signed up for this project. It looks like Jim Parsons will get all the more busy with The Big Bang Theory spinoff. Considering that he has to devote more time to movies and the upcoming spinoff, he is very likely to quit from The Big Bang Theory Season 11. And if that happens, Season 10 could very well be the last run for The Big Bang Theory.

We just hope Jim Parsons sticks with The Big Bang Theory. Let’s hope we get to see Season 11 as well!


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