Kickstarter has been the launch pad of many innovative products that have a potential to define the future like the Occulus Rift and Pebble. But this time it’s more than just virtual reality. The new kid on the block in Bevel, a neat attachment that’ll give one’s Android/iOS device 3D imaging capabilities.

The Bevel Camera

The way in which this device works is just as neat as the device itself. It is a small gadget with a 3D camera that plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack of your device. But unlike some apps on Android (Phoggy) and iOS (Seene), it doesn’t create an illusion of depth.. It takes actual 3 dimensional photographs, which the creators claim can be even used for 3D printing.



Just plug it into your phone and fire up the supplementary app and Bevel is ready to go. Since the Bevel uses laser sight in the gadget to scan the distance between the object and the camera, you can pan it around to create a full depth map. The resulting image comes with full depth information, which is very important for 3D modelling and virtual reality applications.

The Bevel

The Bevel, if it sees the light of the day in terms of manufacturing will ship for $49 which is not a bad price considering the endless possibilities that ship with the product itself. Fingers crossed for now.

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