E3 is coming in June 14, but there are some rumors already, especially about Bethesda’s lineup of games that will be part of publisher’s presentation.

Dishonored 2

The first one is possible reveal of the new Elder Scrolls Game, which is highly unlikely. Fallout 4 came out just three months ago and Bethesda is known for long support of its games, especially through DLC. Besides, last two AAA titles from Bethesda (Fallout 4 and Skyrim) were revealed just a couple of months before release, which is highly unlikely to happen (interval between Skyrim and Fallout 4’s releases was almost exactly 4 years).

Next game that is part of the rumors is a potential sequel to the solid survival horror “The Evil Within”, which is highly possible, game was relatively successful and a sequel is something we would expect. Another game mentioned is Dishonored 2, which will probably have a major place on this year’s presentation, because during last year’s E3 presentation we got nothing about potential release date or story, only one announcement trailer . Last, but not least is talk about potential reveal of Fallout 4 DLCs. Highly likely, a perfect time to reveal DLCs for fall release, a year after Fallout 4 was published. Wolfenstein sequel may be also part of the presentation, but nothing was found in support of this rumor.


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