It appears Fallout VR is arriving earlier than expected as we get the official word from Bethesda. Just recently we saw a listing for a new DLC on Steam DB. For those who don’t know, every game on Steam is also present on Steam DB where all its stats are located. These stats include stuff such as downloads etc. Those games that have DLCs, will have a separate DLC tag in Steam DB. Such was the case with Fallout 4. However, there was something strange. An unknown listing of a new DLC was spotted in Steam DB. There was no name but it was only recently added. Well, Twitter decided to confirm Bethesda about it and we got a rather interesting response.

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Fallout 4 VR could be happening and Bethesda is knowingly quiet about it

Bethesda had confirmed before that there will be no new DLC for the game after Nuka World. This fact was reinforced recently when somebody asked Pete Hines about it. And this was his response.

If you continue reading the entire exchange you’ll notice how Pete suddenly goes quite when he is confronted with the Steam DB listing. So, could it be that Bethesda are up to their usual shenanigans? Well, it could be true. Or it could be a mistake on Steam DB. To be fair, Pete did say he was aware of the Steam DB listing of a new Fallout 4 DLC. But he didn’t expand on it further. So, this leads us to speculate a lot about the future of Fallout 4.

We already know Todd promised a VR version of Fallout 4 in the future. This could most likely point to that. We have no solid details at this point but we plan to continue digging into this further and bring you any new update we come across.


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