9. Sorcerer King: Rivals


Sorcerer King: Rivals is a newest Fantasy Turn-based 4X Strategy video game by Stardock Entertainment. The game is the most recent work of the team that brought Sins of a Solar Empire t the markets. This Quest driven game allows you to build a whole new civilization from scratch. Craft weapons and armor, research and build new technologies, cast powerful spells and defeat your enemies. The magic Spells in the game are a way to gain huge amounts of Magical Power that helps you ascend to the level of Goodness. This game is all about Magical Spells and reaching to the Goodness, so it’s filled up with all kinds of brutal combats, drama, and strategy.

It offers eight main civilizations and encourages selecting one as your native one. Once done with that, you can embark on various quests where you’ll have to loot temples, go through the ancient dungeons; encounter the dwarves and countless other foes. Creating and managing your own separate world is another important objective of the game. With a simple and easy to learn gameplay, beautiful visuals, and all the ancient fun, Sorcerer King: Rivals is available to play on PC only. You can download it from Steam.


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