8. Endless Space 2


Endless Space 2 is another grand inclusion to our list of best turn based strategy games. This incredible title offers a marvelous amalgamation of Turn-based 4X Strategy and Sci-Fi elements. It lets you get into the role of a leader who leads a massive civilization into new horizons of Interstellar Space. It tasks you to explore and investigate a number of mysterious Start Systems, find out the traces of ancient Alien Civilizations, research and develop new era technologies. Besides the exploration element, your secondary objectives are to find the powerful objects, harness their energy, face new and unfamiliar life forms, understand their psychology and blend in to know more.

Conquering the never before seen worlds, building bases and defending them against the alien and AI-controlled rivals is what makes this game even more interesting. In search of the Endless, the ancient civilization lost eons ago, you must find their origin, their long lost and powerful artifacts and the Magical Substance named as The Dust. With an outstanding backstory, the vivid set of graphics, advanced mechanics, and an addictive gameplay, Endless Space 2 is no doubt one of the best Turn based Strategy games that you can pay this year and enjoy it to the core. Endless Space 2 is available on Steam for PC.


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