6. Duelyst


Duelyst is a bit different than other Strategy games on this list of best Turn based Strategy games. This piece of brilliance combines CCG play with the traditional Turn-based aesthetics and offers a remarkable experience. Released back in 2016, this cool game is still pacing well in the markets and is available to play on PC. The gameplay of Duelyst is quite simple. It lets you battle against the opponents on a tactical battlefield. On your turn, you can place Minions, and cast powerful spells to eliminate the enemies. It offers a deck-based system in which you can create custom decks of cards until you eliminate the enemy general. Once the general is defeated, you can start the game over and battle against a new opponent.

Duelyst offers six factions for the characters. You are free to select anyone of them as yours and use its special abilities against the enemies. As strategy game with strict rules and regulations, it’s quite challenging and engaging at the same time. Furthermore, Duelyst offers a Practice mode that helps you understand the rules and lets you master the gameplay. With a variety of different elements, challenging gameplay, beautiful visuals and hours of entertainment, is one of the best free strategy games to play and enjoy. You can get Duelyst for PC from Steam.


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