4. Shock Tactics

best turn based strategy games Shock-Tactics

Shock Tactics is a Single-player Sci-Fi Turn-based Strategy video game that focuses on Tactical Combat and Exploration. Squad Control, Management, Base building, and Defense are the key elements of the game. Initially, Shock Tactics lets you select a team of Trailblazers. Your task is to explore a newly discovered Alien Planet resurface as the modern era Free Space Pioneers. During the play, you’ll have to combat against the Aliens, Pirates, and the Troops from Imperial Consortium. The basic goal is to explore the planet, set up outposts in far reaches of the planet, mine and dig on designated sites to uncover the secrets, build weapons and face the most brutal of enemy onslaughts ever.

Shock Tactics is all about Exploration, Squad tactics, Combats, Equally intelligent Aliens and other enemies, building bases, and harnessing the enormous power of artifacts discovered in the world. With an extremely challenging gameplay, a powerful backstory, aggressive tactics, Turn-based strategy oriented mechanics and marvelous visuals; Shock Tactics is probably one of the best Turn based Strategy Games for PC. It’ll definitely entertain you well this year. Get Shock Tactics for PC here.


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